Thursday, March 11, 2010

Which color to paint my room?

I have blue curtains and the original color is white. My bed spreads are blue, purple, and white. My furniture is like a tan-like color with a little bit of brown.

I want the room to match my personality.

I'm an 18 yearold girl who is about to graduate from high school. (I plan to move out after college.)

I love music, video games, the internet, and singing

I dress like a girl but in a comfortable way. I don't like that much girly things. But I do wear make-up and fix my hair.

I'm an artist, as in a drawer. Not much of a painter.

I don't want any reds, blues, or pinks. I want my room to be girly, but not full on girly. If you have any ideas on how to design my room, like curtain changes or any wall design, then please tell me. If reds, blues and pinks are the only colors you can think of, then tell me. I'll find some way to work around it, or you can tell me how to work around it. Thanks.Which color to paint my room?
Sage green looks great with blues, purples and browns. It would pull them all together and give it a soft, yet not girly look. I would Go with a VERY light sage for the walls, and maybe ad a darker sage with some purple or lavender trim. This would be shnazzy with your bed spread and you would avoid the colors you do not like. Keep it bright and happy so your artistic side can shine through. And don't be afraid to hang your own artwork on the walls.Which color to paint my room?
Have you considerered large white an buttercup yellow stripes.

Picture frames or shelves in dark brown
You should stick with neutral and warm tones/colors. In this way, you are less likely to get sick of it so fast and it's easier to match things with. Plus, neutral colors never go out of style.
Purple with yellow dots.
what about like a grey it's neutral OR like a lgiht light brown/khaki color if you do that maybe some animal print curtains (like black and a darker brown))that would look hot anything will go with those color walls...%26amp;%26amp; perhaps a girly curtain but simple....or a like pale light yellow.((if you use the grey)) sorry i couldnt help just an idea i came up with
id paint it a lavender
I'd try going with a lighter purple color as some of the others have suggested, and then add some swirls or triangles (or other shapes) in a blue that matches the curtains/bedspread. Since you are good at drawing, it shouldn't be too hard to add the extra elements and then it will tie it together and it will make it a little 'girly' and choosing the shapes that you add in blue give you a chance to make the room match your personality.
Artist....Not too girly...stay with neutral colors.

I would do brown and khaki....or brown and blue...

pick a neutral but not white color for your walls...being an artist you want a light, not dark room.
Purple white and blue Camo. Trust me it will look Totally Artistic. I know Im 16 and I love doing art.
Well you are 18 and based on your your furniture lets take it from about a cream and coca color room with black accents. You can use the white bed spread and buy some coca, cream and black pillows (new or used), maybe even some throw pillows with designs such as leopard print. Leave the walls white since you are not much of a painter and change the curtains to coordinate the bed such as black, cream or coca. The accent color around the room could be gold and sage green. All these colors are modern and takes you from the high school years to a little more grown up look. You do not need to spend alot of money as go to yards sales, etc. If you have things in your room that you can spray paint to coordinate then that will help too.
give it a pinkish purple
purple at the bottom then oink at the bottom

My opinion is of painting the room with horizontal borders (about 4 inches wide) of green and shiny light green to break the monotony and to avoid it getting boring or you can use cream and red to give the room a warm look.You can also use vertical borders.For more ideas log on to

I hope it has been of some use.

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